How to draw cartoon

Hi there, I am Sumit roy - I am a freelance illustrator and I really enjoy drawing cartoons. On my facebook sometimes I share situational social cartoons, but professionally I draw business cartoons, editorial cartoons etc apart from novel illustrations, kids' picture books, caricatures, technical illustrations.

I personally like the newspaper 'feel' - black and white and gray, in cartoons and thought about sharing my work process - so a screen recording to demonstrate how I draw cartoons. But this is generally how I illustrate any project.

The process is really simple:

  • first a quick sketch to set myself how I want the composition to be, how the characters wud be placed etc.
  • Then inking based upon the sketch
  • ... and lastly adding flats, shades or highlights - that's it.

Hope you wud like this video about how to draw cartoons. If so, please leave a comment.