Webzine Illustrations

Various illustrations for Magiclamp : a children's webzinecreepy eyes, headpiece illustration for sci-fi novelpeople discussing duotone color illustrationalien in forest : novel illustrationghost story illustrationfunny cartoon illustration for poemfunny cartoon scarecrowdetective story illustrationBeing a fan of children's and young-adult literature, I personally love to draw for kids, and Magiclamp continues to amaze us in each of their issues.

Opentoonz 2d animation

The Jolly Dingledorfers

Genre fiction illustration

Ganesha picture book illustration

Sopan : Ambigram logo design

Oil Pastel Painting Tutorial

How to draw cartoon

Bong Heroes

Friends' Caricature

Dwaporer Swornomudra

David's Book

Bipod Jokhon Ot Pete