Blogger json feed variables list

List of all JSON variables found in a Blogger blog json feed.
blogger json feed variables listingOliver Daniels, a reader of scorpydesign had commented on my tutorial on listing blog posts with thumbnails in blogger and he also asked me if there is any list of all json variables for a blogger blog feed. Well actually I didn't thought about digging all json variables - but his comment had inspired me to list one.

So what I did is took a sample of scorpydesign's json feed and did an autopsy using a collapsible json formatter. Here is the result of my findings about all blogger blog feed json variables.

Please note that there are some arrays in some nodes, they have array identifiers like [i] and [j] and can be called same way in javascript.
Json entryContentDescription
feed.xmlns namespace
opensearch version
feed.xmlns$georss RSS
feed.xmlns$thr$,1999:blog-6566836401033184151Blogger blog id
feed.updated.$t2012-04-15T15:42:33.134+05:30Last update date in author's timezone
feed.category[i].termGalleryLebels used in the blog
feed.title.typetexttitle content type
feed.title.$tScorpy DesignActual blog title set in blogger
feed.subtitle.typehtmlBlog description content type, usually html
feed.subtitle.$tProfessional graphic designer...Actual blog description set in blogger or from title widget[i].rel
link relation[i].typeapplication/atom+xmllink type[i].href
the link$tSumit RoyAuthor name -set from blogger profile$tnoreply@blogger.comAuthor email$image.rel
Author image relation$image.width32Author image width$image.height32Author image height$image.src
Link of the author thumbnail image set from blogger profile
feed.generator.version7.00Feed generator version
feed.generator.urihttp://www.blogger.comFeed generator url - BLOGGER what else it could be for a blogger blog?
feed.generator.$tBloggerFeed generator name
feed.openSearch$totalResults.$t149Opensearch total result
feed.openSearch$startIndex.$t1Where to start search from
8maximum results per page, set from max-results url parameter
feed.entry[i].id.$, post id
feed.entry[i].published.$t2012-04-12T16:41:00.001+05:30Date and time of posting time is obtained from authors timezone
feed.entry[i].updated.$t2012-04-12T16:41:50.955+05:30Date and timme of post update
feed.entry[i].category[j].scheme scheme, usualy same for all blogger blog posts
feed.entry[i].category[j].termIllustrationActual lebel for the post - if there are several lebels, they will be listed here forward
feed.entry[i].title.typetextBlog post title type
feed.entry[i].title.$tCartoon boy & girl characterActual title from the blog post
feed.entry[i].content.typehtmlPost content type, usually html
feed.entry[i].content.$tCartoon illustration ...Actual post content goes here, as I set it up to show the exerpt from inside blogger, so the summary with jumplink apears here.
feed.entry[i].link[j].relrepliesBlog post link relationship
feed.entry[i].link[j].typeapplication/atom+xmlBlog post link type
Blog post link
feed.entry[i].link[j].titlePost CommentsBlog post link title
feed.entry[i]$tSumit RoyPost author name : hey this is me again :)
feed.entry[i].email.$tnoreply@blogger.comPost author email, usually the noreply thing
Author image thumbnail relation
feed.entry[i].gd$image.width32Author image thumbnail width - automatically set to 32px square
feed.entry[i].gd$image.height32Author image thumbnail height - same as above
Post author image thumbnail url
.xmlns$media thumbnail media type
Post thumbnail url
72Post thumbnail dimension : height - automatically set to 72pixels by blogger from picassa
72Post thumbnail dimension : width - same as above.
I don't know some terms in this list of json variables for a blogger blog feed, they are marked as ?? in this list. Actually I didn't have any need of using them - so I never had tried to figure them out. If somebody can enlighten me about them, you are most welcome. Please express your comments using the form below.