3D packaging presentation tutorial

This is a tutorial to show how to create a product mockup using Illustrator, Blender and Photoshop.

3d packaging presentation tutorial
You can create editable product mockup presentation template using smart objects in Photoshop. This tutorial has been spilt into three segments, they are described shortly below.

Design in illustrator

This section describes how to create the actual packaging design in Illustrator. Please note that you can use any other vector graphics software of your choice to create the design.
vector packaging design mock up

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Mock-up in Blender

In this section you will learn how the product mock-up is created in Blender.
3d render packaging presentation

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Presentation in Photoshop

This is the final part of this tutorial where how the presentation graphics is created in Photoshop.
Please note that this is a Photoshop only workflow – as we are using 'smart objects' that has been introduced from Photoshop CS2 and onward.
photoshop packaging presentation

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Apart from this other features utilized here in this tutorial, like using layer blend mode, gradient layers – etc, is also available in other raster graphics software, but as the key feature of this tutorial is based on 'smart objects' so I don't know any other good options.

Options in a minute

You may also ask why I didn't use the Blender (or may be other 3d application of your choice) for the presentation too – well in this last bonus part of this tutorial you will find the answer.


  1. AnonymousJune 08, 2011

    thank you so much for the tutorial , i always wondered how its done and now i did it ! thanks to you

  2. you are very much welcome, actually it's my honor and pleasure that you liked my process and my work.

  3. esta genial y eso q no hablo ingles ja

  4. Gracias Ale, es un placer que te gusten mis esfuerzos. No hay problema con el Inglés, que siempre puede utilizar traducción de Google para la comunicación con personas no españolas - como estoy haciendo ahora.

  5. Thanks for the complete process.

  6. great tutorial :))

  7. Awesome design nd please inform me bout good design.

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