Hello, I'm Scorpy!

Greetings! Welcome to scorpydesign. I am a graphics designer and digital artist. Know more about me

I love to design

Yes! designing is both my passion and my profession. I do a lot of things - see what are my abilities

I create nice designs

Web, print, animation - I have done a great number of projects worldwide. See the list of my projects

I can help you

So, you need some hands for the creative part of your projects - right? Why not hire me! I can help you.

Fairy tale Illustration

Concept illustration of an elf for a Norway Fairy Tale.

Chitrangada Singh Caricature

Caricature of model actress Chitrangada Singh

Mad Banker

Mad banker mascot design.

iProtect Logo Design

Logo design for iProtect security.

Art Theft!!

Patra Bharati had republished DUEL this year and in credit they used my painting of Mayukh Choudhury, WITHOUT my permission.

Fantazm Logo

This is the logo design for a digital artist's art exhibition.

crow and owl

Crow and owl vector illustration for naissance
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