Tagbag : Line art illustrations

I love to read Bengali Juvenile literature, so illustrating kid's book or magazine is kind of opportunity to me. Tagbag is a quarterly children's magazine founded and formerly edited by Saral Dey, and now run by Sristisukh. I work as a freelance illustrator for various books published by them and so is the scope for drawing and sketching illustrations for Tagbag magazine. Sharing some of the illustrations from Tagbag : Saral Dey memorial issue.

Aloktoru : Cover and Illustrations

Fau book cover design and illustrations

Illustrations for children's picture book

Nabakallol magazine cover illustration and design

Illustration for Ishtikutum : kids' annual

Comic book style coloring

Book Cover Design and Illustration

Horror magazine illustrations

Mon Khushir Collage : cover and illustration

Tooth cartoon book illustration