Bengali horror comics

I did my first Bengali comics illustration last year - based upon the story and script by Bengali writer and film director Abhirup Ghosh. The title says 'Best Bengali Ghost Stories'.

The story is about a frustrated novel writer and his experiences on his trip to various haunted places. Personally I love the horror genre so the proposal was very much intriguing. Plot wise this is unique I must say and I really enjoyed drawing this book. Finally the well versed funny dialogues added the necessary spice to make the book a real page turner.

The story is 60 black-and-white pages long and was first published at Kolkata International Book Fair on 2017 and the reader acceptance was very much inspiring. Tho initially it is published in Bengali, but writer Abhirup Ghosh has plan to translate the comics in English and other Indian regional languages in future.

interested readers from India may order the book online at


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