T-shirt design vector illustration

Here is a process to show how I design t-shirts

I recieved this job request from a client thru a design agency, and the client already had the concept in mind and is really helpfull with a quick concept sketch, and that was really interesting and easy to start.

Before we begin, here is the final t-shirt design

vector t-shirt design process

Based upon his sketch, here is my version, showing the whole composition.

vector t-shirt design process

Next thing was to draw the whole sketch into clean line. I drew it in raster and later converted the whole ink illustration into vector

vector t-shirt design process

After the line art process is completed, I painted a quick color draft over the finished ink illustratioon to show the color scheme.

vector t-shirt design process

and finally this is the longest part - rendering the whole design in proper vector. Based upon the color draft, It needed to be traced in vector shapes and then add solid and gradient fills.

vector cartoon t-shirt design

It is my general practice that in each step I update my client and seek feedback. This helps both of us to envision the final result from the very beginning and also helps reduce effort and time for both ends.

May it be t-shirt design, book illustration or any other art or design related projects - brief > sketch > line > color - this is my usual process for effective result.


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