Opentoonz 2d animation

A little funny animation tryout I am doing after a long time. opentoonz - the opensource animation suit - I find it really professional.

This whole video is an example of 2d cutout animation, the limbs are drawn and cut in a raster drawing software, then rigged and animated in opentoonz.

I was in animation long time ago, my tool was flash (now animator), later I learnt toonboom studio along with other animation softwares like moho, creatoon - and my vision towards 2d cutout animation was totally changed.

Tho I am not in animation anymore, but during this lockdown phase, I am searching for other painting, designing and animation softwares - mostly free and opensource, and discovered opentoonz. I was really moved to learn, my favorite - studio ghibli was also using this in their animation movies. but honestly for raster graphics based animations - opentoonz becomes a bit heavy, but can be managed.

Some bugs are there too in 1.4, but I am really hopeful that in the next release those ll be fixed.

So, if you liked this animation, pl like, comment, share or whatever you wish to let me know your appreciation :)

And again - I just wanted to try full body animation, so is this smoking scene, where I can try walk cycles, facial expression and body language, a bit acting etc - aaand tho I smoke regularly, and the frequency is increased in this depressing situation - I don't have any intention to promote smoking or tobacco in this video.


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