Sopan : Ambigram logo design

I always wanted to design an ambigram logo, and whenever I get a chance to design a logotype I always check if it can be formed as an ambigram.

If you do not know what an ambigram is :

"An ambigram is a visual pun of a special kind: a calligraphic design having two or more interpretations as written words. One can voluntarily jump back and forth between the rival readings usually by shifting one’s physical point of view but sometimes by simply altering one’s perceptual bias towards a design. Sometimes the readings will say identical things, sometimes they will say different things." as defined by Douglas Hofstadter an American scholar of cognitive science, who coined the term Ambigram

Simply - if you turn a design around or read it from reversed and and the the design looks same - it is an ambigram sopan social welfare & education organization ambigram logo

So when a friend approached me to do a logo for their non-profit social welfare organization Sopan - means stairs in Bengali, I checked and click I found there is an awesome scope for makeing it an ambigram, so here it is.

sopan social welfare & education organization ambigram reverse logo

The design has an 180 degree rotational symmetry - means if you just turn the design 180 degrees, you can read it same.

sopan social welfare & education organization ambigram icon

Lastly the icon - you know one must think about favicon or mobile apps icon too, for extending scopes. I just took the middle part, as this has an 180 degree symmetry too and looks somewhat like shaking hands, which is the main spirit of the organization - and the icon is ready. 

There are many software ambigram design generators, but this one is totally hand crafted, tho digitally, but involved lots of trial and error to come to the final shape. 

Aaand sadly, what is the most crucial factor for an organization with a number of decision-makers : this one is discarded - ha ha! Tho this is going to be my one of my favorite logo design.