Aloktoru : Cover and Illustrations

Being a fan of Bengali Juvenile literature, I always consider the scope of illustrating such book as opportunity. So was Aloktoru (Light Tree in Bengali) - it is an anthology of 50 kid's/young reader's stories and I got the opportunity to paint the cover and draw some interior illustrations for this big book. Sharing some of the pictures here.

Here is the digitally painted cover illustration.

children's kid's book cover illustration digital painting old man tells story to kids under a tree

And follows some headpiece illustrations for the stories. I was fortunate enough to see my name as the illustrator of the stories written by my favourite and eminent Bengali authors like Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Saikat Mukhopadhyay.

children's book detective story illustration, man with gun

children's book line drawing illustration dekur shirshendu mukhopadhyay

children's book science fiction story illustration weird water monster sketch

children's book funny story  illustration, cartoon cat in trap

children's book ghost story black and white illustration

children's book black and white line drawing illustrations

children's book illustration, old scientist talking with police officer

children's book fantasy story illustration, time travel to egypt

children's book ghost story dark illustration

children's book funny science fiction story illustration. adrish bardhan

Aloktaru is published by Bornodut and released in Kolkata International Book Fair '18. Interested readers from India can buy this book and other releases by Bornodut on their online shop.