American Political Cartoon Illustration

last year I was hired for a picture book - preciously something like a kid's guide book, to understand american politics, and I had illustrated Harry Potter themed caricatures of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Barak Obama in Hogwarts.

Tho being apolitical I do not understand politics at all, but I really enjoyed sketching the pictures from supplied brief.

Here are few drawings from that project.

american political caricature hillary clinton caricature black and white ilustration

Hillary Clinton caicature

american political caricature harry potter themed hillary clinton and rubius hagrid caricature illustration

Hillary Clinton and Rubeus Hagrid caicature

american political caricature donuld trump hillary clinton illustration

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton caicature

american political caricature barak obama hogwart dinner funny illustration

Barak Obama caicature

american political caricature magical server cartoon book illustration

Hogwarts magical server illustration

Again, I love drawing kid's picture book, so if you have any idea creating one and looking for someone to illustrate it, pl contact me.


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