Lovecraftian Horror Illustrations

Does horror have a language? I think not, rather I suppose horror is a language itself. That's why I got the opportunity to work on a horror series by Christophe Michaud, a French writer who is a fan of H. P. Lovecraft's works and taken his novels to another dimension. Tho the original works are in French, which, being an Indian I naturally don't know, but while working on this project we both shared the common spirit to illustrate the books and may be felt the same chill while reading and sharing briefs and sketches.

Le sacrifice des dieux | The sacrifice of the gods

Cover artwork of part I

lovecraft and greek mythology crossover horror novel cover artwork poseidon vs cthulhu illustration and design

An investigator of the Holy Office gives us an investigation at the borders of the unspeakable through his diary. His initiatory and dreamlike journey will plunge him into the darkest secrets the Church tries to hide. Will he resist the madness that will seize his being? Will he attend the sacrifice of the gods?

Here are some illustrations from the horror novel by writer Christophe Michaud himself.

lovecraft inspired fantasy novel illustration

lovecraft inspired fantasy novel illustration

lovecraft inspired fantasy novel illustration

lovecraft inspired fantasy novel illustration

This is an fully illustrated story by Christophe Michaud, inspired by the H. P. Lovecraft world. This novel will take you to the unexplored regions of his work where two mythologies confront each other.

The original book in french can be ordered here

Le sacrifice des âmes du Purgatoire | The sacrifice of the Purgatory souls
"Butterfly in the night, like a child, I wander in the void that surrounds me, attracted by lights that reveal themselves to me."

Cover artwork of part II

silver mask and goblins Horror novel cover design artwork

An amnesic vagabond is taken to the local sanitarium specializing in First World War post-traumatic disorders. He has no memory, neither present nor past. In order not to sink, he tries to cling as best he can to everything around him in the hope of building an identity, but without counting on the rivalry of two doctors crystallizing about him. In this horror novel he continues his mental journey in a dreamlike wandering tinged with Greek mythology before being confronted with a brutal reality that takes shape through the strange Doctor Bonne.

Here are some of my illustrations from the second part of the horror series,

horror illustration old man sailing in rough sea

horror novel frankenstein experiment illustration artwork

horror novel illustration uner ground old greek temple

horror novel illustration big dog guarding mental asylum

The original book in french can be ordered here

Other books by Christophe Michaud be found here

... and on my mail I demanded that these books must be translated into English so rest of the world can enjoy his novels too, shudn't it?