Babe in lingerie : digital painting tutorial

A short digital painting tutorial on how to draw a babe in lingerie.

babe in lingerie digital painting

This is the final output at the end of this digital painting tutorial of a babe in lingerie.

babe in lingerie digital painting

My work-space - I use an iBall 5540 digital pen tablet on my acer 5745 laptop. This is my small studio and I create everything on this machine.

babe in lingerie digital painting

I started this digital painting from a rough sketch I made from a reference of a model from a lingerie-selling website, I collected several images from various sites and finally decided on creating this digital painting based on this model.

The original dimension of this digital painting is 3600px X 2400px at 120 dpi. For the tutorial purpose I later scaled it down at the current resolution to post.

babe in lingerie digital painting

I sampled colors from the original photograph and started color filling the painting. This is a single layer painting - means I needed to fill color from back to front. So at first I started filling out the background blocks and then filled color on the model.

I generally use only 4 brushes - 60px and 30px chalk brushes with opacity and size set to pen pressure. 60px brushes are used for color filling large areas and I use 30px brushes to add detailing to my digital paintings.

babe in lingerie digital painting

After finished blocking out the color fills of this babe in lingerie, it's time to start adding details. As there is minimum work needed for the skin - I started adding details to hair and lingerie.

babe in lingerie digital painting

More details painted on the lingerie - as the main interest of this digital painting is the clothing, so I took time to paint the decorations and details on the panty-hose this woman is wearing.

babe in lingerie digital painting

This is the last snapshot of this tutorial on digital painting of a woman in lingerie. In this phase I added the final detailing on her hair, completed her face, finished the detailing on the lingerie and worked on the outlines of the whole figure.

As I told earlier, the original painting is in a dimension of 2400 pixels wide and 3200 pixels high, so I thought about sharing some 'close-ups' of this digital painting of the woman in lingerie - here are some of them.

sexy girl in lingerie

Close-up of face and hair.

breast in lingerie

Close-up of the breasts and decorations on the lingerie.

panty hose details

Close-up of the garter, there is also some detailed decorations.

digital painting hand

Close up of the left hand. You can see a bigger version of this digital painting on my deviantArt gallery.

You can see the close ups are not that 'pretty' - rather this has a feeling of a speed painting. Basically I am not upto some finished photo-realistic digital painting, I tried to emulate the procedure and characteristic of oil painting in digital media.

How do you like the steps of this digital painting? Please share your thoughts by posting your comments bellow.


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