Marketing agency infographic

Actually this is a scrapped infographic project.
Needed to pass this on as this simple project was getting more complex due to communication gap and client's lack of briefing. These are the sketchs sent to the client for a infographic they wanted to be designed.
asymmetric corporate infographic illustration concept

This is the first sketch I sent to them based on their requirement - they needed a city-map styled infographic for some of their services.

The client needed a infographic that shows many of the new offerings the digital marketing agency can offer and a graphic illustrating how a brands can utilizes these service, technologies and tactics.  The graphic has to show many of the agency's offers and how they can be connected to create a complete advertising campaign.  However, each offering would also be used on its own page with copy, if a client wants to see a more in depth description of the offering.  This image will be the same as the one used on the large graphic but will have to be enlarged.

illustration for corporate business infographic

Later on they thought a day-in-life style infographic could be cool, so here is the second sketch.

Everything on this huge list of items falls into one of these five categories.
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Interactive
  • Digital OOH
  • Consulting

corporate process comics style infographic illustration sketch

The previous comic strip style wasn't that cool, so I sent a third tree-style sketch for the infographic and they are now happy with this one.

But later on it was found that instead of a single letter size infographic they needed something thats lobger enough and they needed it in sketchy comic-book like graphics illustration.

Positioning the digital marketing agency as an Interactive Agency is a very smart strategy and would allow us to leverage all of our previous concepts and ideas and experiences doing the type of things that we like to do best.

There was no preference on the amount of or the number of images this infographic has to be. It only has to really convey the message of the agency's process and how somebody could engage us if they are interested in activating any or all of the agency's marketing capabilities.

corporate employee business activity infographic concept sketch

This was a sketch for another infographic they needed - here in this infographic, they wanted to show their work-strategy in different illustrations.

Also for the colors of the infographic, they preferred white. Black , grey to match their site but setting off the categories or items the agency wanted to use "buying colors " or just following the color scheme of some of the biggest successful brands


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