The Leaky Bathtub logo

logo design for The Leaky Bathtub - business consultancy.

This is another logo image-mark for my friend Trisha Cupra. Her client comes from New Zealand, and I drew the chains to look similar to the 'silver fern' symbol that is a big part of New Zealand's identity. They use it a lot to make traditional jewelry, and it's even on the Air New Zealand jumbo jet tails.

So I had to make the plug logo design look a bit like native New Zealand (Maori) artwork.

This logo is done in Freehand (my favorite vector suite) and then finished in Photoshop, Final output is in scalable PSD vector.

Logo design is one of the most important parts of your identity. Based upon your ideas and specifications as well as my expertise in crafting the finest designs, I can create custom logo design for your organization which can help standing out your business identity with just right looks.

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