Prostitute digital caricatures

Some nasty timepass - study of body language of prostitutes.

Digital painting of a prostitute

digital painting of a whore

Earlier in 2010 while I was doing a dayjob and when I used to stay at DumDum, I used to travel to my office via train. At Sealdah I used to see some women standing at the exterior of the station - later I got to know that they are prostitutes. I studied their body language and made a couple of sketches of them returning to my den. Later I rendered them digitally in color.

Prostitute caricature

whore caricature

The sketches are made using ball point pen, scanned and then colored digitally using path tools and brush. Fabric patterns are collected from stock images and lights and shadows are painted with brush setting brush coloring modes mainly to color dodge and color burn.

Call-girl cartoon

woman digital coloring

One of my friend at requested me to write a tutorial on painting these images, unfortunately as I haven't preserved the layers in progress, so I can't share anything comprehensive about it right now. I wish in future I can show some steps.

Old fat whore digital coloring

prostitute cartoon illustration

Hello, I am an honest guy, don't get me wrong, I just studied them as I had couple of minutes to wait between catching my train - and I hadn't any other intention.


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