Logo design for Capital Ingredients

I sold a ready-made logo from IdentityCrowd.

logo design for capital ingredients

I have some pre-made brands to sell at IdentityCrowd. Yesterday Brad Jenkins from Capital Ingredients contacted me regarding one of my ready-made brand design - EcoPrecious, he thought this design is ideal for his company and he wished to have it bought and customized. So he placed the order at IdentityCrowd and within a couple of hours I prepared his new logo in the way Brad expected this.

Logo design is one of the most important parts of your identity. Based upon your ideas and specifications as well as my expertise in crafting the finest designs, I can create custom logo design for your organization which can help standing out your business identity with just right looks.

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I have sold another pre-made logo design Flexiglobe from Identitycrowd, you can see the design and read about it here.


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