AKB Bank Presentation

My friend Abdul from Damask Media called me about a video presentation.I assisted him with background illustrations.

This project is for demonstration of a specified Bank's activity and Abdul had got the account for this animation project.

As I am using a slower connection, so it was impossible for me to create and upload the whole animated video. So to be honest with him, I couldn't take up the whole animation project rather I suggested to do the art-direction staff for this work.

So we end up in a series of vector illustrations that was later imported into Flash and his animator did the rest of the video. Here is only a glimpse of the illustration outputs, beside this there were several design patches including character fixes, background elements etc that were incorporated in the final output.

As this was an urgent job, so most of the work was done overnight.

Abdul is a good friend of mine, and he is very professional - he was very helpful providing references and other resources that was very much handy for me for this whole series of illustration work. Most of the illustrations were done in Macromedia Freehand MX and later imported into Adobe Illustrator so that the animator could use them directly in Flash, and I created a few illustrations in Flash too, but due to re-usability and easy edit-ability I preferred Freehand and sometimes a little Illustrator.