Photoshop coloring tutorial

You know you can create awesome vector graphics using solid and gradient layers and clipping paths. Here is a series of tutorials I wrote describing my process in psd vector.
Before you begin - you might find it interesting how i converted my pen and pencil sketches to line art here in this pencil to ink tutorial
Pencil to Ink
A short but useful tutorial about converting simple pencil sketch to finished black and white line art in Photoshop. I thought about sharing it here for interested designers or comic book artist/colorists.

And here is the table of index for the Photoshop vector coloring tutorial series.
Part 1 : Creating a workspace
What is Photoshop Vector? In Photoshop you can use solid and gradient layers and add clip paths to them to create scalable, resizable and easily editable graphics.
Part 2: Coloring the character

In this part we are going to fill different parts of the main character with solid and gradient layers and add clipping paths to them.
Part 3 : Coloring accessories
This part of this coloring tutorial describes how to use Photoshop vector solid and gradient layers to fill up complex shapes. Here in this tutorial we will see how we can use clipping masks and clip paths to limit the fills to it's base shapes.
Part 4 : Adding shadows and highlights
In this part we will see how we will use layer masks applied to the clipped vector layers to reveal or hide specific parts of the shadow and highlight layers to create depth in the image.
Part 5 : Painting the drappery
In this tutorial I have covered how to add light and shadows to clothings of a character. Layer masks, clipping paths and some nice tricks can be found very useful in creating editable color schemes.
Part 6: Creating a background
In this part of the coloring tutorial, I am going to demonstrate how a matching background for our compostion can be created within a few minutes witout much efforts.
Part 7 : Adding effects
We are nearing the end of this series of tutorial. This part describes how to add some quick effect to our godly hero using gradient fill and adjusting layer blend modes in Photoshop.
Part 8 : Creating the blurb
This is the last part of this series of tutorial. In this part we will just add some text to our composition.

Pardon me for the small images in the tutorial pages - I had to optimize them for my earlier site. And here is a big preview of the end result.