Painting for TV

Remember the presentation for tele-film I created earlier for one of my friends? Today they asked me for a painting of a girl.

the producer and writer of the series of the tele-films Sandip, called me and asked for a painting, preferably  in oil-color style, for one of his sequences. They needed some work-in-progress materials to be shoot too. So I created this Photoshop painting.

He sent me this photo of the character and what I need to do is to create some oil-painting like effects.

These are not actual steps - first of all I created the final image from reference. And then I added a few patches to simulate work-in-progress style. The painter character of the story will be painting over this prints.

I started painting over the photograph at 2.30pm and finished it within 3.30pm - so neat one hour was required to add some 'artistic' touch to her.

And the in-progress images took me mealy 15 minutes.

I was missing my pen-tablet ( I am not using one for last 4/5 years ) I needed to draw and paint this using my mouse only, tablet would be a great tool for quick projects like this - I will have to buy one soon.
update: I got a tablet now and you can read a tutorial on digital painting here.


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