Dada na Didi

Here is some of sketches from the storyboard and character sheet of an animated promo for a musical reality show on a popular Bengali TV channel.

My role on this project was to produce storyboard, characters models, animatics and backgrounds. The whole animation sequence was created based on the song provided by the production house. There were 4 other team-mates who did the clean-up, ink-and-paint and animation.

Unfortunately the program was on air but without this version of promo. It was taken as an option, and the problem with production houses (in this case the production house I worked for was own by one of my friends) in West Bengal that it's natural for them to not to pay for the projects that's not been accepted. they play safe with the channel and they care a damn for the freelancers who works for them.

This is a pencil sketch of the master background by me and bellow is the flash rendering of line artwork by another team-mate.

A sketchy style was maintained for the whole animation. Background was drawn in grayscale lines only and some portions of the characters had color filling to highlight.

Here is another master background and bellow is the flash rendering.

Here is some rough sketches of the storyboard panels.