Hello, my name is Sumit Roy.

Wait wait wait ... then who is scorpy? Well that's my nickname. I am a scorpio and my father used to call me bichchhu in Hindi which means scorpion. So that's why I picked up this nick and also named my studio. My hometown is Basirhat which is a small town near Kolkata, on the eastern part of India. I live there with my mother and my wife.

I am a freelance graphic designer and digital artist - I work for print, internet, television and interactive media.

By educational-qualification I am a science graduate. Though I have not any (conventional) art background, I practice drawing from the age of 4. In the field of computer graphics, I am a self taught person. But as I am a good learner and implementer, so I never felt awkward in any software/hardware environment. Beside graphic designing (that's my job - right?) I have interest in Blogger, Facebook pages, UI/UX design for open source web application platforms.

I am Social

Add me to google+ facebook.com/scorpy.roy http://www.orkut.co.in
scorpy.roy's google profile linkedin.com/scorpy http://twitter.com/scorpyroy

Other Places

Deviantart gallery http://scorpy-roy.deviantart.com/gallery
Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/scorpyroy
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