Show me your funny side

I am going to build an interesting caricature portfolio so, cud you help me with your face?

Send me your funniest snap to within 30th June, 2013 so that I can cartoonify you.

Here are the specs for your photo

  • Be expressive - I don't want to see just a poker-face!!
  • Single head shot only, no full-figure please
  • Must be 600px X 800px in vertical orientation (portrait)
  • Color shot is preferred - no tinted or stylized version please
  • Rename file accordingly so that I can find who sent what :)
There is room for only 8 :( so after you send me your photos, there will be a public vote for seleting the best 8.

What's there for you?

Free gadgets, Trip to abroad, Gift coupns ... technically nothing :) but you will get your awesome print sized caricature - FREE!

what's so bad about that? hah?
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  1. Hello,

    You have a nice idea. So here is my photo.

    Thank you..



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