New facebook page

I always wanted to show my deviantart gallery at my facebook page. Now it is possible.

I have my facebook page at and my deviantart gallery at I have integrated my gallery-wise feed in my site at gallery section with the help of Yahoo! pipes and a little javascript. But there was not any easy way to do this for facebook pages as you needed to use third party apps and they were not enough customizable to stylize to have same look and feel of your site.

Now as facebook introduced iFrame static html app for facebook pages - it took me about 4 hours only to put everything all-together. Now my facebook page pulls content from my deviantart gallery and show them inside a tab at my facebook page.

There is also other tabs in this page to show feeds from my site and for contacting me directly from inside my facebook page - all in my own way - in my own style. My facebook friends will never have to leave facebook to see what I am doing right now. So how do you like the new Welcome tab of scorpydesign on facebook? And if you want something like my facebook page, just drop me a line and I can make your facebook page beautiful.