I have my portfolio at various major online art galleries, I often showcase my work at these places. Here in this gallery section at scorpydesign I have highlighted my works from those artist portfolio sites.

Here is the listings from my deviantArt gallery.

Graphics design

Here is my graphics designs gallery at deviantArt. Being a freelance graphic designer I enjoy my job and also in my free time I create designs that could be used in future projects. View my graphic designs.

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Phantom drawings

I got to know about Phantom and Mandrek from the age of 5 throughout my life I have collected most of his stories. Here is the listings of all my drawing and renderings of Mr. Walker from my Phantom gallery on deviantArt.

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Traditional Art

I started to draw when I was 4 years, and while I was in school drawing, sketching and painting was as important to me as my general studies. Here is listings from my deviantArt traditional gallery.

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I am a great fan of God. Whether it is traditional paintings or digital media I try to show his glory with my limited vision. May the almighty forgive me but I find this way to worship him and his greatness. Here is my heavenly creations from my Gods gallery.

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Durga Paintings

In 2009 I created some pen and pencil sketches to portray her as an Dravidian warrior women rather that showing her as an Aryan, and later colored those pen and pencil sketches in Photoshop. Here is the listing of all images of goddess Durga from my deviantArt gallery.

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Whether it is traditional paintings or digital media I try to show the evil side of creation with my limited vision. If demons aren't there then what is the use of gods power to retain peace? Here is the listings of my satanic creations from my Demons gallery.

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